i resolve to…

early january is one of my favorite times of the year.  i really enjoy compiling new years resolutions that i may or may not follow through on.  but right now everything seems possible and i’m excited about the new, better me i will be in the coming months. because sometimes researching wellness online feels almost as good as actually doing anything i’ve spent several days looking at things to help me on my road to awesome.  also, because this is a blog, and i like making lists, i thought this would be a great place to share them.

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always, on every new years resolution list, is the resolution to get fit.  2013 will be no exception.  the trouble is fitness must be fun and convenient or i won’t do it.  until exercise is a habit for me it has to disguise itself as something else entirely.  dancing doesn’t seem like work to me, even though it really is.  so when i came across this barre workout from prevention magazine i was intrigued.  looks like fun actually.  this discovery lead to finding online classes from barre3 and this DVD of New York City Ballet workouts that is now waiting in my amazon wish list.  because of another resolution to spend less i’m going to make sure i’m enjoying the free workout before shelling out cash for more.  i really miss yoga but i never went.  thankfully drop in classes at yoga & sync are only $12.  i plan to develop a yoga habit before signing up for any more expensive classes.

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another resolution staple, eat better.  i am a fan of the cleanse.  i like the rules and the promise of change and the sense of accomplishment (when i actually finish one) but most of them are gross.  i tried blueprint for 3 days, felt like i was starving, and ended up cranky.  i tried the clean program but i’m pretty sure i don’t have an allergy to everything that tastes good so that didn’t stick.  i’ve considered the whole living action plan a few times but every recipe looks nasty.  however, a few days ago i discovered bon appetit magazine’s food lover’s cleanse.  well this just makes all the sense in the world.  a foodie magazine put together some healthy recipes that actually sound like they taste good.  even if i don’t make every recipe and go 14 straight days, i will still have some valuable meals to help shrink my sides a bit.  this combined with my healthy lunch board on pinterest should help with this goal.


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do stuff i enjoy.  the majority of 2012 i’ve spent in a rut.  i couldn’t get motivated to do anything and instead started watching gossip girl because it was the path of least resistance.  i could have lived without gossip girl.  blake lively is a lady tool.  while i made some serious progress with the house i know i could have done more.

“a year from now you may wish you had started today” – karen lamb

i only did one neat-o thing when i had the opportunity to do a ton of neat-o things.  i resolve that 2013 will be full of botched crafts and house photos.  i have also considered taking up gardening and sewing.  i really enjoy housekeeping.  i’ve already fired the maids (they were doing a crap job for a lot of money anyway) and the apartment therapy january cure came just in time.  i plan to be too busy to watch the carrie diaries or anything else on the CW.

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then there’s the zen, mental well being resolution.  simplify.  be present.  beginners mind.  meditate and all that.  not much to really say about all that.  after all…

“the tao that can be spoken is not the eternal tao” – tao ching