one second everyday

Some of you who know me personally have noticed that when I’m out and about I like to take random videos that are only a few seconds long with my phone.  This is Cesar Kuriyama‘s fault.  In late November/early December I found his One Second Every Day project on Kickstarter and donated immediately.  I identified right away with his drive to records a brief moment everyday to remind himself all that he had seen and also how this drove him to have more memorable experiences, to have something worth recording.  This was made even easier by the release of the 1SE app.  I love this app.  I love what it’s about and it’s one of the few things I’ve actually stuck with for more than a week.  Sure, I’ve missed a day but I make an effort to remember.  It hasn’t had a huge impact on my life yet but I’m excited to see my videos grow.

I’ve also become somewhat of a voyer for other’s uploaded 1SE videos.  The TED blog collected a few of them.  I’m fascinated by seeing people’s everyday lives and how they differ to my own.  I’ve lived in Dallas nearly my entire life which is a fairly homogeneous city.  Yes, everyone is different, but most people here are similar.  I enjoy following people all over the world on Instagram even though I can’t understand the captions.

Currently the app is only available on the iPhone but Android is on it’s way.  You can start recording your videos even before you have the app.  Once installed it recognizes every existing video and makes them available in the 1SE calendar for the day it was taken.  Sadly, you can’t fake it out.  It only allows photos and videos taken on that day to be used for said day in your timeline.

Viva la tech!  This is the opposite of app disappointment.  And at 99 cents it’s a super deal.  I’m looking forward to the end of 2013 when I have a large amount of footage and can review it all.  So far it’s a lot of videos of food, my cats scout and my husband, an honest summary of my day to day.  more on the app at

This video isn’t associated with the 1SE project (that I know of) but is a wonderful example of it.  I think the LCD Soundsystem song adds some joy.