antony hegarty

i recently got a new computer with a bigger hard drive (hooray for progress!) and have started to tackle the immense task of organizing and cleaning up my music collection.  this has unearthed some bands that had fallen off my radar and i hadn’t listened to in years.  some were pleasant surprises and other were, well… embarrassing.  but i’m not here to talk about early 90’s techno.  i want to talk about antony hegarty.

antony and the johnsons left an immediate impression on me when i first heard them on npr’s all songs considered back in 2006ish.  i downloaded the album i am a bird now and initially had a mixed reaction to it.  some songs i loved but song songs i admit i didn’t understand.  now, listening to it again i’m appreciating the feeling of the album more instead of trying to pick apart the lyrics.  his wiki doesn’t give very much information about him other than that he was born in england, moved to san francisco at an early age and went to school in new york.  that and a chronology of performances.  the majority of the interviews i found focused on his gender identity and personal politics.  a quick google search can tell you everything you want to know about that, but i feel like i’m prying when i read it.

his performances are mostly in europe or new york but i hope i have the opportunity one day to see him live.  such a wonderful voice.