let’s take a break for aaron paul

i think aaron paul was born to play jesse pinkman.  he’s been cast as the burn-out kid for a while.  and here he is on the price is right being super excited and then losing a sports car.

so in breaking bad news jesse pinkman is completely losing his shit and i’m waiting for hank to go into cardiac arrest at any moment.  i don’t think i’ve seen a show this good in a long time.  so far the final episodes have me on the edge of my seat.  this is a nice change after the milk toast, boring, ‘let’s write this just to get it over with’ series finales i’ve had to deal with lately.  i’m not going into how badly lost and gossip girl punished you for for watching with those ridiculous endings.  and dexter, i’m looking at you.  not sure how this show can be saved.  but at least i have breaking bad.  is it sunday yet?

oh, and i think this will be my new voice mail message.