whew!  what a year!  after being nearly dead for half of it, summer has kicked into full swing.  the gods have been cutting me some slack with tolerable weather and consistent thunderstorms.  international jet setting, lake houses, road trips, regular pool side time, even exciting work stuff has kept me pretty busy but the blog will be back my friends.  i’ll start by listing out some of the great stuff i’ve been enjoying lately.

everyone is watching louie right?  if the answer is no then log on to your netflix right now and start.  i had heard of louie ck in passing but had not seen much of his stand-up.  his FX show is the perfect mix of his stand-up and the kind of genuine, relatable real-life scenarios that make you laugh.  but not in an annoying seinfeld way.  i think i’m the only person who hates hates that show.

i’ve wanted to move to texas hill country since i first started spending summers in new braunfels as a kid.  a house on the guadelupe or colorado rivers is always where i saw myself retiring until i finally made it to lake LBJ.  paradise?  pretty damn close.  and only an hour outside of austin.  you can feed the deer out of your hand.  it’s pretty cool.

my complexion is not something i’d include in my list of awesome things about me but that may be changing soon.  after running out of things to buy at sephora i came across renee rouleau.  she’s a fancy pants celebrity esthetician based out of dallas with her own skin care line.  i visited her spa in dallas and learned quite a few new things about why i was missing out on the smooth skin i felt i was capable of.  it wasn’t cheap but it’s way better than blowing chunks of cash on products that never work.  go see her.  she is magic.

jack handey wrote a novel.  yes, the man of SNL’s deep thoughts fame wrote a tropical adventure story about seeking out a golden monkey in a completely re-envisioned honolulu.  i have no idea how to explain this book.  just read it.  be warned that if you go into a barnes and noble and ask for it by title the clerk will look at you funny and say “did i hear that right?”