lisa frank is a real person.  i adored her stickers when i was a kid, along with every other 8 year old girl i knew.  this interview also includes an awesome performance by mila kunis.  side note, while googling her name to make sure i spelled it right i noticed the second most popular search term is mila kunis feet.  apparently that’s a thing.

tyler adam smith is designing 100 book covers for books that should exist.  two levels of creativity here, the visual design for the books and coming up with the titles and authors.  i enjoyed this immensely.

wikipedia’s list of common misconceptions.  so you can be super annoying at your next party

jay z’s 99 problems, illustrated.  pretty funny.

on a wednesday.  random, non-famous, every-day new yorkers interviewed about their wednesday, on a wednesday, every wednesday.

a primary reason i own an iphone is because the cool apps always seem to come out for it first.  but my favorite weather app is now available for android.