portland prep

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in a few short weeks i’ll be packing up and heading to portland!  just when i thought we were having a mild summer, august has come along and reminded me what 102 degree days feel like.  but no worries, i’ll be in hipster paradise soon enough.  after consulting my favorite blogger’s portland city guides (here here and here) i’m ready with my wish list of to-dos.

stalk carrie brownstein.  just kidding.  kind of.

stumptown coffee roasters.  i’m not going into it because it’s been blogged about to death.  but as a coffee lover i have to go see what all the hype is.  if it’s good enough for shauna haider it’s good enough for me!

my favorite thing to do whenever i travel (and when i’m home too) is eat.  i’m going to find time for some food truck action, clyde common, and screen door.  thankfully the friends i’m visiting are fellow foodies so i know i won’t be disappointed wherever we go.

photo booth fun at the ace hotel.  i’ve wanted to stay here for ages but the stars did not align this go around.  but i think a coffee in the lobby and some goofy photo booth faces will suffice.

voodoo doughnut.  yeah… i know.  my friends say it’s not that good.  but it’s a portland staple.  you kind of have to.

i’m not ashamed to say i like a good strip club.  a good show is a good show and i’ve been hoping that i would make it to devil’s point.  now it will be within cabbing distance!

the jupiter hotel will be putting me up for this trip and on top of all the fun in town we are also planning an epic hiking trip.  my friends have been taunting me with their envious scenic hikes on instagram and now i can take part!  of course i’ll tell you all about it when i get back.