Break Time

Whoa!  October is nearly over already!  Somehow in just the last 5 months I’ve eaten oysters in Normandy, hiked the Cascade Mountains, dodged jelly fish in the Gulf of Mexico, witnessed ostrich racing and am now prepping to move a second time.  In addition to the fun stuff, 2013 has been super challenging so it’s time for a much needed metal break for the rest of the year.


2013 has hit my family hard and my endless projects and ideas have not slowed down because of it.  But recently I’ve realized that they have to.  I cannot be there for my Granny in hospice, master Japanese, work 60 hour weeks and launch a business at the same time.  First thing’s first.  Instead of focusing on what’s next I need to be right here for a little while, lest I go stark raving mad.  It’s time to slow down and get the right now sorted.


  • Be present
  • Maintain my daily yoga practice
  • Form a better relationship with food (more on this later)
  • Work hard at the place that pays me


  • Endless to-do lists
  • Self improvement reading
  • Stress
  • Guilt for not doing it all

This is a preamble to New Year’s resolutions.  This way when the calendar flips to 2014 I can hit the ground running.  Between now and December 31st all I have to do is get up, be and then go back to bed.  I may not get a lot of blog followers or master calligraphy but I’ll be in a much better place to tackle everything I’ve always wanted to do.  A tree house in Oahu is already booked to kick off 2014 and I’m confident it will be the best year yet.  With a list of near 20 mapped out projects I will need the rest.