I need a drink

I do a pretty good job of backing up important files and data that I value.  Any apparently this blog did not count as “important” because I hadn’t backed it up since 2014.  At least not in a location I could remember/find.  So when my hosting platform had a server outage some bad shit went down and took my blog with it.

I’m starting from scratch right at the start of 2018 which I am going to take as A Sign.  I’m not that sad about losing the old posts.  Most of it was unfocused babble from my 20’s that was painful to go back and read anyway.  Was I really that lost?

Anyway, this inaugural post is mostly to serve as a test post as I get everything reformatted the way I like it.  Reformatting blog themes is one of my favorite things to do.  I think I like it more than the content itself.  That doesn’t bode well for you, dear reader.  Come back later.  I am committing to having something worth seeing in 2018.

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